[CASE STUDY COMING SOON] "Best Social Impact Project" in 24-hour Webflow Hackathon


STEAMcycle is a platform connects community members with local nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to re-purpose their unused tech devices to support under-resourced students (elementary to high school), giving them access to digital learning platforms and online educational resources. STEAMcycle stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math, combined with the concept of recycling/upcycling unused technology devices and putting them to good use.

[Project was initially submitted for and won "Best Social Impact Project" for Webflow's 1st Global Maker's 24 hour challenge in September 2020. After challenge, team members have decided to continue working on the project to see it fully launched and currently seeking funding.]

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Myself, another product designer, a developer, and a stakeholder


Figma, Sketch, Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable


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With the ongoing pandemic and education's shift to remote learning, many under-resourced schools are unable to provide devices to their students and, smaller nonprofit organizations have found it challenging to source devices through corporate sponsorship programs. Many members of the San Francisco community have unused devices and are looking to help others in this time of crisis. In designing this new platform our challenge was: How might we design a responsive resource website that allows community members to do two main things: 1) donate their technology and 2) sign up as a volunteer.


Within 24 hours, we were able to design the homepage, donor's registration form, design, and brand STEAMcycle. However, this project is far from complete as other pages will be completed such as volunteer registration and a student/family resource page.


In the meantime, you can check read our story and preview our project here.

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