👋 Hello, 你好, XIN CHÀO, I'm Melissa Nguyen.

I'm a UX/UI designer, design thinking practitioner, and creative passionate about content strategy, design systems, and designing products that drive impactful experiences.


Top 10 Finalist

Adobe Creative Jams x Creative Reaction Lab
FEB 2021 - "Pass the Mic"

Best Social Impact Project

Webflow's Global Maker Day Hackathon
SEPT 2020 - "STEAMcycle"

Honorable Mention

Adobe Creative Jams x Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
MAY 2020 - "ICFW"

my design philosophy

Design with Compassion

To change hearts and minds you need to understand those around you. Learn what moves them and empower them to make those moves.

human-centric design

I seek value in my designs. It's not always about what looks the best if it doesn't answer these questions: What problem does this solve and who does it serve? Is it usable? Will it last?


"It's easy to break a chopstick, but they become unbreakable when we put all of them together," - Chinese Proverb.

agile workflow

There's no one-size-fits-all design process. Each problem is unique and deserves its own process.


Use quantitative and qualitative data in conjunction with human-centric design thinking to support design decisions that affect the user.


Learning is a continuous cycle and growth is better together. "When one teaches, two learn" - Robert Half.
Mini me illustration

about me(lissa)

I'm an ENFJ-T, observer, and experimenter. I love helping people and working with a team to create thoughtful products that empower people.

In my past life, I was a healthcare worker serving as a patient advocate during the day and a crafter at night. Through medicine, I learned to become observant and compassionate. It taught me that to treat a patient, effectively, you have to see them as a whole person, not a symptom or a diagnosis.

After 5+ years in healthcare, I found that I couldn't stop creating and said, "No, I don't want no scrub..." as I started my new journey as a freelance calligrapher.

As a calligrapher, I learned to become an experimenter and a master at failing. It taught me to look at the world through a creative and curious lens. Through this journey, I realized that what I was yearning to do was a combination of my past lives - to practice compassion and solve problems at scale through a creative lens. That's when I fell into the rabbit hole of UX design.

The more I dove into it, the more I realized that my past lives fostered my superpowers: compassion, human-centered, and data-driven while nurturing my curiosity and eye for detail.

Today I am a designer that creates products that drive impactful experiences that empower the vulnerable and voiceless.

Whenever I'm not cultivating my growing pixel paranoia, I can be found in the world of modern calligraphy or working on an illustration series of a digital "mini me." 

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