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I'm a product designer and entrepreneur based in NYC. I combine creativity, technology, and user-centric thinking to create impactful experiences for people.

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a little bit about me

I'm a product designer and entrepreneur born and raised in New York City with an extensive background in healthcare and modern calligraphy. After spending some time in the healthcare field and managing my little calligraphy business, I found myself thirsting for something more, something that would marry my two loves: art and science. That’s when I found myself falling in love with UX design and took a plunge towards a career change in UX.

I am passionate about creating simple, impactful, and human-centered design solutions to complex challenges.

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my design process
with the audience. Observe, listen, and understand their problem.
the primary problem. What is your audience's needs?
by brainstorming solutions and turning them into designs.
the solution designs into an interactive product.
the product with real users, and gather feedback.
evaluate, make changes, then test again.
design and diagnosis

Left the scrub life for design but the scrub life never left me.

When I closed the last chapter of my life and bid goodbye to clinical medicine a few years ago, I didn't know how much of my past life would come into play with UX today.

In my past life as medical scribe and patient advocate, a large part of my job was to gather the basic information (research phase) from the patient, such as: name, age, height, weight, blood pressure, and past medical history before diving into the reason for their visit. Know who your patient is before and after the problem — the person behind the illness.

While some patients know exactly what their problem was, others come in with a list. So, I would survey the patient by asking questions such as: “Where is the pain occurring?” “How frequent is the pain?” “What has worked and what didn’t?” and discover other factors that may influence it in order to help the healthcare provider pinpoint the chief complaint.

As a team, we would brainstorm solutions to the patient’s problem with their history in mind and give them the best course of treatment that would suit their needs. But the journey doesn’t just end after their treatment. We gather feedback on the patient’s aftercare. If they’re still not well, we evaluate and make changes to the new course of treatment.

As a UX designer, instead of swearing to the Hippocratic Oath, I swear to Oath for Designers, and vow to treat my clients the same way as I treated my patients: with care, diligence, empathy and above all else, never losing sight of what is most important: them.

just for fun

If my past life as a scrubber doesn't excite you, here's just some random things about me outside of design and scrubs...

Okay, so I lied, outside of work I actually do eat, sleep, and breathe design - different forms of that is! Whenever I'm not cultivating my growing pixel paranoia, I can be found in the world of modern calligraphy or working on a illustration series of a digital "mini me."

Outside of design, I love to travel! Especially getting lost and just immersing myself in the experience - and I've often been rewarded with the most breathtaking sceneries. Ask me about my trip to Taiwan and following a stray dog!